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Rachel ~ Zone 1 ~ Jumper ~ 17
JustWorld, My Barn Child, & Dapple Gray ambassador

berryfathusky: Once you get this you must share 5 random facts about yourself. Then pass it on to your 10 favorite followers. No backsies. (◡‿◡✿)


  1. I recently got accepted to be a Dapple Gray ambassador
  2. I bought a new horse (Zara) last week
  3. I’m going to the Dover Tent Sale this Friday
  4. I’m on April vacation currently
  5. I’m thinking about leasing out one or two of my horses

No one is even attacking saddleseat riders. If you preach about not bashing your discipline, don’t go ahead and bash another discipline. Take your own advice.

New Rule:


Hunter/Jumpers are NOT allowed to shit on Saddle Seat riders until they can figure out how to put their saddles on correctly.

you have got to be kidding me. 

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