Anonymous said: Hey, I just need to vent a little :( I havent ridden in 3+ years and Im moving to a new city so I looked up some barns to see if I could start lessons again. I found the perfect barn with cheap lessons and google maps told me there was a bus to bring me there. I email the place and theyre like you can take a saturday spot. Im all happy until I decide to check the actual bus schedule and it doesnt work out at all timewise and all the other barns are too expensive. Now im sad cause I cant ride :(

I’m sorry :( Do you have a car? Or maybe a friend that lives nearby?

Anonymous said: Sorry kinda new, you're going to the WEG in Normandy? What days?

Yep! I’m not sure exactly what days, but I know I’m leaving the 27th and coming back home September 8th. I definitely have tickets for the show jumping and I think some dressage. Not totally sure what the exact days are!

Anonymous said: I'm jealous, lol! you'll be in France and I'llbe exchanging dirty glances with all the people that hate me. :( but I'm excited for you, take pics!

Hahaha I definitely will!

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Anonymous said: oh wow, that'll be so much fun!

Yeah! I’m really excited to combine two of my favorite things - traveling and horses! :)

Anonymous said: school sucks bro, but have fun in France!!!!!!!!!

thanks!!!!!! im super excited :))))) World Equestrian Games 2k14

Anonymous said: school, :( ya know?

ugh im sorry for you :( School doesnt start for another 2 weeks for me, but I’m going to France so school starts in 3 weeks for me >:) yayayay

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Anonymous said: sounds kyool!

yeah man! what are you up to todaaaay????????

Anonymous said: heyyyyyyyyyy wasssssup???????????????????????????????

yanno, just sitting at home watching Ridiculousness !!!!!!

I feel like all my followers are so quiet! Ask me questions! :)

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